Weddings In The Time of Covid-19 - New York

The day has finally come! Couples can now get legally married with online marriage licenses by going to the Project Cupid site

As the process is very new, there are some glitches, but don’t give up!

These are the steps to take:

  1. Complete the online marriage license application and get your confirmation number.
  2. Create a NYC.ID account at the Project Cupid link  and get verified online.
  3. Pay the license fee, and schedule an online meeting with the City Clerk. Both parties to the marriage MUST be together and MUST be in New York State for your online meeting. I will ask for proof before we begin.
  4. Have your wedding ceremony.
  5. Upload your signed license to the City Clerk.

I have partnered with various vendors to create a beautiful experience for you, so that this wedding will be a memorable one forever.  It can be super simple with only an officiant (me) or at the location you decide which can have flowers, cake, champagne…as much or as little as you want.

I also have vendors to manage all the tech support to do a seamless Zoom wedding.

Depending on the location, I can be there physically with you (practicing social distancing) or marry you on Zoom.