Where to start

 “Our Favorite Real Wedding Vows and How to Write Your Own” A Practical Wedding

This article outlines the importance of your vows to the wedding and provides a step by step process alongside links to examples of traditional and contemporary vows to help you begin.

“How to Write Wedding Vows and Samples” The Spruce

This provides multiple traditional vow transcripts and helps in understanding the differences between traditional and contemporary vows as well as the differences between writing your own vows and utilizing pre-written words.

“Everything You Need to Know to Write Your Own Wedding Vows” Harper’s Bazaar

Sharing the meaning at the root of writing your own vows and inspiration for getting started, this article prepares and inspires you to sit down and begin writing your vows.


 “8 Ways to Say I Do: Creative Wedding Vows from Real Brides” Brides

This article shares excerpts from contemporary, original, and creative vows with comments included from real brides about their own vow-writing experiences.

“Unique Wedding Vows for the Modern Couple” Martha Stewart Weddings

This article provides categories of funny, modern, creative, unique, and quirky weddings that share vow examples as well as explain how the vows created the mood for the entire wedding.

“11 Traditional Wedding Vows That Will Inspire You” A Practical Wedding

This article shares the transcripts for traditional religious vows, which can help you consider the style of vows you would like to incorporate at your wedding.

“23 Impossibly Romantic Quotes to Incorporate into Your Wedding Vows” Brides

This page shows romantic quotes that can be incorporated into vows or even just used as inspiration for getting started.

Vow Delivery

  “Tips to Nail Delivering the Vows (Without the Tears or Dry Mouth)” The Plunge

This article helps explain the logistics of delivering vows and provides some helpful public speaking tips.


“Here’s How to Recite those Wedding Vows Like a Pro” Wedding Wire

This article explains the best ways to prepare your mind before reciting your vows and tips to keep in mind while speaking.

“20 Tips for Mastering the Art of Public Speaking”  - Inc.

Though this article is not directed towards the delivery of vows specifically, as there are not many resources, it includes many specific public speaking tips that can apply to reciting your vows.