Set the stage for your wedding day and the rest of your married life!

Your guests will talk about the dress, the venue, the party, the food, the cake, the music. But what they will always remember are the wedding vows, the ceremony, the toasts and speeches...

As an officiant, coach, and guide, my goal is to make everything as easy as possible for you and make your wedding the very best it can be...


Putting your feelings into words in a heartfelt, genuine way to express your deepest love can be daunting.

As a Juilliard-trained actress and public speaker, I help you craft the perfect words and coach you in delivering the most important performance of your life. I can be your support throughout the process and be there for you up to the last minute.

Guiding your family and friends with their unforgettable speeches will also stay with you and your guests forever. 


The ceremony, the vows, the speeches, the toasts...

We'll make your wedding glorious!

Tanya Pushkine