Creating powerful expressions and memorable performances throughout the Americas and abroad.



The Roles I Play



On a day as special as this, naturally your nerves can get the best of you. So having someone with 20+ years of experience in public relations, performance, and speech coaching by your side is invaluable. Rather than feeling like you have to ad-lib on stage, I'll spend ample time prior to your wedding day practicing with you, and getting you prepared for these imperative moments.

Public Speaking guide

Performance Coach

Words are just words unless you know how to deliver them. So regardless of the service, once we've crafted your vows, your ceremony, or your loved one's speeches, we'll focus on the art of public speaking. I will help you prepare for every detail from coaching a family member or "amateur officiant" on how to run your ceremony like a professional. And for your vows or any other part of your ceremony, how to enunciate, project naturally, and stand there with incredible confidence. We'll plan every minute to ensure an outstanding performance guaranteed. 

Ceremony Production



Once your lines are ready, we’ll collaborate on the production. Having worked with 150+ couples and music tours for stars of the likes of Beyonce, I know how to choreograph every detail seamlessly and around what you want most. But I believe you should always be in full control of your ceremony. So rather than take the reins and create the ceremony for you, I work with you to create the one that you envision. I’ll guide you by offering readings and poems to choose from, and together we’ll create an intentional and meaningful final production.



While I can't write your vows because I'm not inside your heart, I will help you craft something heartfelt. To begin, I'll learn more about your story by walking you through thought-provoking questions that encourage you to dig deep and find the right words. Working with each of you 1:1, we'll collaborate to edit and perfect your words into vows that make a lasting impact.

Vow Writing Support

Script Coach


- Daniela

“We still have friends who remember lines from our vows, which I think is rare!”

You'll feel confident and comfortable by the time your day arrives. With unlimited connection points, we'll rehearse your vows until you feel fully prepared. And if utilizing my officiant services, you can sit back and relax as I keep the focus on you and the pressure of your day off your shoulders.


step three


When it comes to your vows I'll connect with each of you individually to ensure we get to the heart of what you want to say, and then figure out exactly how to say it in the most meaningful way. If officiating, we'll work closely together to build a ceremony that's personal and intentional for you.


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We'll connect over a zoom call to review the process, answer any questions, and ensure we're a great fit. I'll help you determine what you need and craft a custom proposal that best serves you.


step one


How It Works

- Cynthia

The process really made us think about our relationship which helped a lot with writing our vows. Tanya made our wedding day so memorable. Everyone should have someone like Tanya when planning their wedding.

“Everyone should have someone like Tanya when planning their wedding.”

Package pricing for complete wedding experiences from $3,000. 

Receive white-glove service and relax knowing every aspect of your ceremony is covered. I offer a premiere, full-service package, serving as your dedicated vow writing guide, personal officiant, and detailed performance coach. I specialize in multicultural weddings and will craft an experience that beautifully honors the unique traditions and cultures brought together by your love.

And I'm accustomed to frequent international travel, so no matter where you're celebrating your love, I'll have my passport at the ready and happily join you in destinations worldwide.

anywhere in the world

A Triple Threat Performance

- Elise

“Our guests are still raving about Tanya! We got married this September and I would say close to every guest has mentioned how amazing our officiant was on our big day.”



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Crafting Heartfelt Words Into Unforgettable Memories
Serving in Destinations Around the World

Crafting Heartfelt Words
Into Unforgettable Memories
Serving in Destinations Around the World