The way you express the declaration of the love you have for one another on your wedding day is something that will stay with you for the rest of your life. By having me on your wedding team, I ensure your reason for being here shines brightest.

That Matter Most

Together, We'll Create Show-Stopping Moments That Matter Most

About The Vow Whisperer

- Allie

The wedding moment that feels the most magical looking back is certainly the ceremony. Thank you so much for encouraging us to write our own vows, it's a moment I will never forget!!

“It's a moment I will never forget!!”

All too often, the meaning of this day and the reasons you love each other get lost amongst the beautiful, tangible details of the celebration. But when it comes to creating truly impactful memories, intentional words have the power to outweigh any physical detail.

I created The Vow Whisperer because I passionately believe, just like your marriage, you should have complete control when making decisions together - starting with your ceremony.

Which is why rather than writing your vows or creating your ceremony program for you, I'll have you dive deep with a thought-provoking exercise that re-affirms why you're getting married. Then, using your words and preferences, I provide the anecdote to the feelings you want to put into words: crafted vows that are truly meaningful to you. 

In this production, you are the stars, and the script is a story centered around you. So when beginning to help you write your vows, I want to capture your personalities and quirks both individually and as a couple.

I'll Help You Put Your Heart Into Words

- Erin

“She takes the time to dive deep into your relationship to help create meaningful vows and a personalized ceremony.”

As someone with a reputation for being extremely calm and empathetic, I'll ensure you feel heard, understood, confident, and prepared leading up to your momentous day. And naturally, throughout our time together, we'll develop a genuine connection. So I'll serve you not only as a coach but as a friend.

Whether I am officiating or someone else is leading the ceremony, I'll be there to support you in any way you need. If you need to step away for a few minutes the morning of your wedding, I'll lead you through breathing and meditation. If you want some last-minute practice, we can Facetime and talk it through. No matter the destination, I'm always here for you.

Rather than feeling like a stressful burden on your list of to-do's, I want writing your vows or a speech to be a really fun experience. After all, we're setting the tone and foundation for married life and sharing an important message with everyone present.

I'll Keep You Calm & Confident

- Emma & Hugo

“When we met with Tanya we felt that she was perfect for the role and really cared about our wedding and vision and hearts just as much as family would.”



Behind the Curtain

Philanthropy is in my DNA

Human relationships are really the most important to me. My mother was a painter and my father was a conductor, so the arts are what I grew up in. But when I read a review, and read about the connection I made with my couples, that is everything to me. 


My husband, Paul, is my partner in life, love, and the office. We work alongside each other, so he often listens as my grooms profess their love to me during vow practice.

My other half:

We love to travel the world. Exploring new places, cultures, and connecting with the local peoples. I was born in Belgium, French is my native language, and I'm versed in Spanish. These international roots allow me to relate to clients and vendors all over the world.


I passionately work with Vow For Girls, an organization helping to end childhood marriage. To learn more about this important cause, click here.


When I'm not participating in a celebration, you'll find me engulfed in the other aspects of life I value most:

The Vow Whisperer

Tanya Pushkine

Paula Andrews

wedding officiant

With their shared history and passion for the art of expression, they form a dynamic team that brings an unparalleled level of creativity and authenticity to every ceremony.

In addition to her theatrical endeavors, Paula is an accomplished Therapeutic and Restorative Yoga instructor. Empathy, gentleness, and warmth are at the forefront of her practice, allowing for safe and supported communication. As an officiant, Paula cherishes the opportunity to be a part of people's love stories, to witness the beginning of lifelong journeys of commitment. Her experiences on stage, screen, and the yoga mat have only deepened her understanding of the intricacies of human emotion and connection, making her ceremonies all the more heartfelt and touching. Paula is honored to be working alongside Tanya in this venture. 

Paula and Tanya became friends at the prestigious Juilliard School, where they both studied Drama. At Juilliard, Paula honed her craft, immersing herself in the world of storytelling and performance. Paula’s acting achievements span countless off-Broadway shows, Shakespeare in the Park, and many soap operas including One Life to Live and The Doctors, where she played opposite a young Alec Baldwin. She was most recently featured in the 2021 documentary “Val” produced by Val Kilmer, another former Juilliard classmate.

Meet Paula, a talented wedding officiant who joined The Vow Whisperer team in 2021.

I can't wait to learn more about you.

Visit to learn more about my background leading up to The Vow Whisperer.

- Gavin

Her help directly contributed to making our wedding an incredible experience. The practice sessions, in-depth questionnaire, and all the ceremony options she presented us were all amazing. We were very happy with our vows and there wasn't a dry eye in the room. I'd definitely recommend reaching out to Tanya for your own vows and ceremony.

“There wasn't a dry eye in the room.”


Crafting Heartfelt Words Into Unforgettable Memories
Serving in Destinations Around the World

Crafting Heartfelt Words
Into Unforgettable Memories
Serving in Destinations Around the World