After graduating Juilliard and performing on both stage and screen, I embarked on a career as a communications executive, which included coaching business leaders, spokespersons, and actors for presentations and public speaking.

I have loved helping friends and family with their vows for years. My own wedding prompted me to become a professional wedding "vow whisperer." My husband and I performed our self-crafted ceremony and written vows and the feedback was so incredible that I decided to help other couples create their dream wedding ceremonies.

I am here to help you express the feelings you have for your future spouse in words that convey the deepest part of your heart. The vows will express an authentic and sincere compilation of the relationship that brought you to the altar. The process is collaborative and relaxed whereby we work on the words, the readings, poems, and ceremony based on memories, anecdotes, funny moments, the meaning of marriage, your promises, and much, much more.

Together, we will put your thoughts on paper and transform them into authentic, heartfelt, memorable vows. Once every syllable is perfect, we master work on your most flawless delivery. At this point, I will coach you on the delivery of your vows so that you will present confidently and with joy. You will receive constructive feedback on everything from projection, posture, body language, content, and expression. The dream you envisioned of your wedding will come to life with heart, soul, and feelings that reflect the journey you have traveled on together! 

I am there to guide you through your fears and help calm your nerves. I also work with your wedding party on their speeches and toasts. And of course, I can marry you!